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About Us

Diamond Resupply was established back in 2019, at the time we only offered a small selection of services for a couple of games, we have since expanded to a much wider variety of services for games such as Warzone, Cold War & GTA V to name a few.

Our main goal is to provide top tier gaming accounts & services for the best prices on the market. Many of our accounts & services are delivered within 24 hours from the time that we receive the order.



Here at Diamond Resupply we understand the importance of fast communication and we have a dedicated support team in place 24/7 that can be reached by either joining our Discord server or by emailing us directly at



All purchases made through our website are covered with our free lifetime warranty, this means that in the very rare event of a suspension or reset we will provide you with a new replacement account completely free of any charges. Purchase with peace of mind.



We ask every customer that makes a purchase from us to complete a review describing their experience. All of these reviews positive or negative are collected on our official Trustpilot page. We choose Trustpilot because it`s highly regarded as the best review platform currently on the internet, and is renowned for its integrity and ability to block & remove fake reviews.



We use Stripe to process all payments that go through our website. This means that we do not have any access to your payment details at all. They are safely and securely handled by our payment processor ( Stripe ) using state of the art encryption.